What to Expect

When you visit New Hope, you will come into a place that is full of love and acceptance.  Those that attend here are from all walks of life.  Young and old, we are all about family.  Our motto, Let's Do Life Together, isn't just a catch phrase but an expression of how we truly feel. 

Life is a trip full of highs and lows and if we are all alone on our journey then life can be empty and meaningless.  But thanks to the unity we find through the life, love and mercy of Jesus Christ, we are all connected.  Life was never meant to be lived alone.  We need each other and that's what "Life Together" means.

Our worship is modern but it doesn't ignore the heritage of many generations.  Worship was created for us to recharge, grow and turn our focus on or back to God.  Outside of biblical reference, there  is no set plan or formula as to how to worship is to be presented...as long as it is genuine and God seeking.  

So, come and visit us.   We'd love to meet you and your family.  Our goal is to join with you as we grow closer to Jesus.

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